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Cargo Bar Holder announces a new product that's efficient, practical and exciting!

  • Do you think it's efficient to keep your load bars secured and handy?
  • Do you think it's practical to prevent load bars from being lost or damaged?
  • Do you think it's exciting to keep customers happy and claims down?

If you do, then buddy up with the Bar Buddy, the new in-trailer load bar storage strap that will store your load bars securely! The Bar Buddy is made of tough polyester strapping, the same strapping that's used for longer cargo straps. The Bar Buddy will hold load bars so securely that not only will bars stay in place, they won't lean or "walk" once the trailer is moving!

Bar Buddy is low-profile--it takes up just as much space as a load bar--there is no other load bar storage device on the market that can make that claim! The Bar Buddy outpaces the rest in durability, too: Bar Buddy will not break!

Tired of high costs? Bar Buddy won't impose too much on your tight budget. Even though our product is made in America, we can keep costs down by choosing the right manufacturer. Cargo Bar Holder is proud to partner with Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind in presenting to the trucking industry a brazenly simple yet powerful tool that will save money and equipment for trucking companies and owner/operators.

Order your Bar Buddy today! In fact, order more than one! At our low price, you can't afford not to! Call now 877-845-9666!

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